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  • The small raincoat is designed for small stack composters like the small Kambha and the small Mota Lota.
  • The large raincoat is designed for large stack composters like the large Kambha and the large Motal Lota.
  • Wrap around the composter and fix in place with velcro strip. Its that simple!
  • Remove if heavy rain stops.
  • Do not leave on all the time.
  • Small size is 49" x 28" Ht
  • Large size is 60" x 34' Ht

  • Wash with water and organic soapy solution after every use.
  • Hang out to Dry.
  • Fold and store.

  • In case, you receive a damaged raincoat do contact us within 7 days of receipt. Email us a few photographs with the order number to hello@dailydump.org.
AC0360 / AC0370
Products Kambha / Mota Lota Leave it pots Prithvi Remix Bin + Leave it pots
No of units required (For a family of 4) 1 x Large 3 x Small (placed in a row) 3 1 bin + 2 small pots
Location Garden / terrace / balcony / outdoor space Garden / Terrace / Outdoor Garden with soil Indoor + basement / terrace
Estimated Cost(For a family of 4) Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 Rs 2400 to Rs 4500 Rs 4500 to Rs 7500 Rs 3500 to Rs 4500
Features Space saving, requires periodic shifting of the modular units Can handle large volumes, add units as required, no shifting Earthworms enter & enhance quality of compost, no shifting Space saving, light weight, ideal for elderly folks. no shifting

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If your Stack Composter (Kambha, Mota Lota) is exposed to direct rain, then this plastic raincoat is just for you.

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An online exclusive product
  • Small Raincoat suitable for Kambha (S) & Mota Lota (S)
  • Large Raincoat suitable for Kambha (L) & Mota Lota (L)
  • Stack composters like the Kambha, Mota Lota are usually placed in balconies, terraces and gardens and need protection from heavy rains. The elegant, designer raincoat, is see through, easy to put on and take off and keeps rains out. You need this only in the heavy rainy season. Do not leave it on all the time. Some starter kits have the raincoats included.

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  • Minimum online order Rs. 200
  • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days :)
  • Our exclusive online products are delivered directly to you in most states in India.

What does Remix powder do?

1. Absorbs moisture

Remix powder uses the absorption strength of cocopeat to soak up the liquid released during composting (leachate). That means no more gooey, sticky or smelly piles.

2. Makes composting stir & smell free

The powder is light and airy, creating plenty of gaps in the compost pile. This, along with the holes in the outer surface of Daily Dump composters, keep oxygen flowing - eliminating the need to stir and stopping stinky odours from forming.

3. Great source of carbon

Remix Powder has the right type of carbon for composting. It has ideal particulate size and surface area and so does not lead to air blocked masses forming. Its high lignin content adds to the nutrient value of the done compost and boosts root health.

4. Creates friable compost

Compost produced using Remix Powder reduces the amount of cocopeat you need to add in your final potting mixture. In fact, you can directly plant some species of seeds into your compost.

5. Helps you get it right the first time

The correct moisture content and enough oxygen are keys to no smell composting. Start with Remix powder and we can guarantee that you will soon be on your way to becoming a composting ustaad!

6. Speeds up composting

Remix powder contains a culture of cellulolytic and lignolytic microbes mixed with magnesium silicate. This is a natural and safe accelerator that speeds up composting.