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Community composters

2 Methods of Community Composting



Managing smaller quantities of wet waste in multiple locations


Managing all generated wet waste together, in one location

Our Decentralized Community Composters

1. Type of Product Typically Hot Pile Composting/Drum Typically a pulverisor/biogas/pit
2. Context Works best in residential spaces Works best in corporates/institutions
3. Installation System is modular, so can be installed in phases after trial Needs upfront capital investment for the whole cost of equipment
4. Electricity Does not need power to operate Needs power to operate, shred and pulverise
5. Managing Responsiblity of managing this rests with community champions Responsbility of managing this rests with facilities
6. Collection Collection is done door to door, block by block Collection is done from pantry/canteen
7. Haulage No haulage to a central point which requires time & effort Haulage is not an issue, because of facilities
8. Maintenance Protocol & system designed to collect for wet, dry, reject & sanitary waste has to be fool-proof for efforts to sustain over time Collection protocol is easy to monitor and implement if there is a corporate directive.
9. Troubleshooting If something goes wrong, it affects only that block & not the whole community. Problem is contained, until it can be resolved If something goes wrong the whole volume of waste lies together in one place. This is more difficult to deal with and resolve.
10. Civil Work Usually does not require civil work for installation Usually requires a shed/roof/perimeter built
11. Perception Encourages residents to be inspired, proud and enables understanding and participation composting Usually out of sight and not accessible to employees - so there is no pride or knowledge that is transferred
12. Interaction Children learn that waste is a resource, they can interact with the system Children, even in schools often view this in a passive way, since the equipment is not designed to get kids to interact
13. Manpower Does not require full time manpower, available staff and residents can manage easily Usually needs a full time person to manage the system as margin for error is less

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