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Roots, shoots & seeds

The world of work is changing. Organisations are being re-defined. Our space is also experimenting with new ways of engaging with each other and with the vision on hand. We have the people who form the roots of our space. They have roots in the space, they have been around off and on, and are committed to the long term growth of this space. There are the shoots, who are new, waiting to see if they will grow here or move elsewhere. And then there are the seeds, the result of maturing in our space, young people who learn here and then go out and grow their roots elsewhere and perhaps come back to root here.

Services Assistant

Kallappa is a very small built man who who loves getting on the bus to service someone in a far off corner of Bangalore and walks about 20 kms eveyr day which is the secret to his fitness. He can recognize done compost by just looking at it and is the backbone of the service system, having worked with Daily dump since 2006.


Services Assistant

Ammu helps to plan and service our customers, calling to fix appointments for our visits. As the 'child' of the office, she gets yelled at and pampered by everyone. She is has fought with everyone in the team at some point and laughed hard with everyone too. Ammu used to work as a montessori teaching assistant before joining Daily Dump and has learned Tally, ERP and other accounting software to better her skills.


Thabita T
Operations Assistant

Thabita is the most soft spoken person in the team and through she may seem small, she is a skilled worker who will not wait for people to get things done. She has worked in an administrative role for many years, is quite a perfectionist and is the glue to our operations staff. She manages hectic operations with calmness and attention to detail.


Savitha GV
Head of Customer Services

Savi came to Daily Dump as a volunteer back in 2006 and has since worked in so many roles and each one of them fits her like a glove. She currently is our customer relationship co-coordinator. Her experience with medical transcriptions and the fact that she is also a customer of Daily Dump make her capable of fielding all kinds of customer queries. Savi is a diligent task buster, plant lover and friend of Daily Dump. She thinks she works on a flexi time format, but without her knowing we take over her full time!


Raj Shankar
Growth Guru

Raj has been instrumental in us getting more focused on our growth as a business. His simple and effective way of thinking through marketing suited to our needs has helped the team immensely. So he is now co-opted as a DAILY DUMP team member for life!


Anupama RM
On Maternity Leave

Anu trained as an accountant and is responsible to move us into the Pvt Limited format. Her frequent travelling is a standing joke at office and she still tries to cover it up. She feels that she has found a lot of inspiration here and it has opened her view to a whole lot of new ideas and people. Once she is serious about it, she would like to take care of a farm, document grandma recipes for good health, persuade villagers from migrating to cities, write a story and finish her to-do list. She is currently on maternity leave and we want her back sooner rather than later!


Itika Gupta
Opportunity Spotter

Itika can pretty much find a way to maneuver any task given to her. She is a trained Engineer who went on to explore the liberal arts through the Young India Fellowship. Her keen interest in philosophy and development gets us thinking about lots of big ideas, planes, cars and small ones too. She currently manages relationships with all our outreach partners and co-ordinates with potters on the production too. Itika is all set to wash India, clean India, shine India, fly India and who knows what else.


Poonam Bir Kasturi
Founder & Compostwali

Poonam wears many hats, the favorite of which is her 'witch hat'. She often pulls new & interesting things out of it that challenge her team.Poonam is trained as an Industrial Designer, has worked as a Design Educator and is now fondly known as Compostwali. She talks to trees, bacteria, clouds and keeps everyone on their toes. She bows to no one except the black soldier fly maggot.



Arjun Dev has held senior leadership roles in the IT industry in delivery, operations and domain consulting. He has worked with ADP Wilco, Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets and is currently working with ThoughtWorks. He has an MBA from IIM Bangalore and BE from NIT Surathkal. He brings in strong capabilities in strategy, setting up scalable operations, building strong customer relationships and grooming leaders. He is a co-founder of that helps local newspapers come online at low cost. He loves trekking, bird watching, connecting with people, great food and road trips.


Aaga Guru

Meet our very own tall and suave "Aaga Man" of Daily Dump- Amar. Coming from Civil Engineering Background, our boy here got carried into the world of Social Change. His (in)famous forgetfulness gets him into trouble and often out of it as well. Loves reading, writing , poetry and everything about Manchester United and can travel at a drop of the hat. P.S Dont be surprised if you find a poem on Aaga in the near future. You will know who was behind it.


House keeping

Prema keeps our retail space spotless, makes great chai, packs our various products and does lots of work behind the scenes to keep the Daily Dump wheels turning. Her smiling face and smart demeanor make us look forward to tea-time even more. She is the fashion diva of the company!


Marcy Newman
Outreach Lead

Marcy hails from the city of Los Angeles where she grew up afraid of dirt. It wasn't until she found herself teaching Garbology 101 to 4th standard students at Rishi Valley School that she really began to confront those fears head on. She caught the waste bug, which infected her with a desire to stop teaching and devote herself to cleaning up Bengaluru one child at a time.


Hemanth Shetty

Hemanth Shetty is a Telecommunication Engineer with 15+years of experience in End to End strategic project deployment & delivery. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black belt & held Leadership roles in Manufacturing/ ITES & IT industry in Operations, Business process excellence & consulting in many MNC's. He is a co-founder of which is an online platform helping citizens to recycle their paper waste by enabling the informal recycle sector. He loves travelling & spending quality time with Family & Friends...


Composting Farmer

You'll never find Chandru shirking work. Even as he recounts the anxiety of working earlier on his land in a drought prone village, he continues to smile...saying he is happy to have found work here. He is proud to work with compost and makes this resource available to urban dwellers so that they in turn may grow flowers, vegetables or an ornamental garden. Speak to him for 10 minutes and you too will begin to enjoy the smell and feel of soil. Chandru remains committed to ensuring that this 3 children are well educated.


Inventory Caretaker

Shivanand manages stock and purchase at Daily Dump. A new member to the Daily Dump team, he says he is learning how to multitask efficiently and hopes to be able to master it soon. He spends his free time outside working hours, catching up with his family on the phone- thrice a day !


Sujatha Ma
Best Tea Maker

Sujathamma used to work at a sheet metal unit in her previous avatar. At Daily Dump, she is a part of much of the behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that customer's orders are packed and ready for delivery. In her own quiet way, she also keeps track and ensures the team's varied chai needs... What she truly enjoys, is packing compost!


Composting Farmer

Shekar found his way to Daily Dump, looking for work. He confesses to initially having serious misgivings about working with 'waste'. But after the first month of apprehensions, he decided to stick it out and make it work. Today, as a happy member of the services team, Shekar feels happy when he harvests compost for DailyDump's community customers. His years of experience of working in the field in his village ensures that he doesn't shy away from hard work.


Akshay Shetty
Mr Composta

Fancies himself as a hippie at heart. Until a few months ago, he was trying to address the city's growing garbage menace in his own way - by giving new life to old glass bottles. And then a chance encounter with Daily Dump where he is now learning about waste related human behaviour and growing with the company, to find new ways to address it. An enthusiastic team member is Mr.Composta


Siddharth Chaitanya
Opportunity Spotter

Sid is a wandering engineer who is trying to find his place in the world and possibly leave his mark. After spending more than 4 years at a blue chip MNC, time was ripe for him to delve head first into a new challenge teeming with possibilities and energy. "That's when Daily Dump happened and it's the first time in a long time that work is fun. Who knew working in Waste Management could be this exciting?" he says. A trained dancer, a passionate foodie and an amateur movie critic, creativity is what drives him - and it may possibly drive him literally around the world (he hopes to walk across the globe from end to end one day without stopping). His penchant for PJs and love for travelling to strange lands might make him a strange bloke but be it work or otherwise, he strongly believe that positivity, humility and a smile can go a long way.


Vidhiti Agarwal
Channel Lead

Having worked earlier at Goldman Sachs and Zomato in Finance and Marketing roles respectively, Vidhiti decided to work closer home. She lives literally across the road from the Daily Dump office! As Vidhiti learns to meet the various challenges here at work and wraps her head around all the troubleshooting needed as the Daily Dump Outlets/ Channel Manager, she enjoys the team spirit at work. Yes, she is inspired by Poonam but the light of her life undoubtedly remains food!


Kriti Bhardwaj
Sales Evangelist

An economist by training, Kriti fell in love with waste and went on to do an MSc. in environmental management. She loves to figure out human behaviour and ask questions about everything under the sun. She loves to act, dance, write stories and talk about global politics but her first and last love is the environment. Her dream is to make sustainability a way of life in India- cleaning one street corner at a time! At Daily Dump, Kriti is the crazy Aaga girl who you can find doing multiple things at one time and loving all of it!

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