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Where do i place my 3/4 tiered kitchen composter?

This is NOT an indoor product.

You must place it in a corner of a spacious balcony or outdoors in your garden or under a tree. Make sure to locate it near a corner or against a wall in case you have pets in the house. Choose a flat even area. Sunlight and light rain do not interfere with the product and it only needs protection in case of heavy rains. Cover the product with a old plastic sack or plastic bag.

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Do I need anything more when I buy a 3/4 tiered kitchen composter?

Once your bottom unit fills up completely with semi-done compost, you will need a Leave-it Pot to store this semi-done compost

Customers also buy another Leave-it Pot to store sieved compost once it is fully ready.

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Can you compost kitchen waste in any other composter?

You can use the Leave-it Pots to compost larger volumes of kitchen waste. You will need at least 4 Leave-it Pots for this.

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Can a 3 - tiered composter be used for only garden waste?

You can use it to compost garden waste. You can also use the Patta Kambhas for garden waste. See our save your leaves section for more information on the value of your garden and leaf litter.

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Do I need to add any accelerator to my 3-tiered composter?

Adding accelerator helps but is not critical. You can use the Daily Dump accelerator or use any other that you know about.

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My 3-tiered kitchen waste composter fills up too fast.

You should then use two 3-tiered composters and alternate dumping. This will distribute the waste evenly and save you the bother of interchanging units too often.

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The sides of the 3-tiered kitchen waste composter has dried waste while the center is wet.

The waste on the sides tends to be dry because of absorption of moisture by the terracotta walls. This needs to be combined with the wet waste in the center. Use your tools or your hands (in gloves) to stir and combine the dried edges with the wet center.

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Can I use one Kambha with one Mota Lota?

Yes, customers usually combine different kinds of daily dump products to achieve their composting needs.

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How much Remix Powder should I add?

The thumb of rule is - add at least 3-4 fistfulls - enough to cover the full surface of your wet waste. If your waste is too wet or it has a lot of cooked leftovers then you need to add more Remix Powder, it is best then to add half the wet waste, add some Remix Powder and add the remaining waste and cover with Remix Powder.

You should also cover your daily addition with a sheet of newspaper to avoid fruit flies.

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What can I add instead of Remix Powder?

Shredded dried leaves/ Sawdust is a good substitute. You should shred it fine and scatter it over the pile so that it does not clump when you add water. But with dried leaves and sawdust you will need to stir every 3 days otherwise there might be bad odor. With Remix Powder you do not need to stir.

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I seem to be having problems - what do I do?

No problem, check our troubleshooting page and our common mistakes page. If you don't find answers there, call us for a crisis visit. Our service personnel will arrive and fix your composter

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What happens when I go out of town?

No problem, the compost enjoys the break! Just check moisture levels when you get back and begin adding your fresh waste.

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What happens when the lid cracks or the plastic rope tears?

If the crack is too small, you can repair with m-seal. If the plastic rope has come undone, then you can fix it yourself or call us to repair it.

Since the composter parts are modular, you can buy just one unit or a lid if it is broken.

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