It's nice to have your products talked about.

We believe that if a real need is addressed, stories get written.

Hum Tum - Hindi

I love the way waste sounds in Hindi. It's got a more "wasty" sound.

This feature covers many women entrepreneurs who have a presence on the web. Nice seeing a Hindi article on Daily Dump.

The Hindu
The Hindu covered the joys and benefits of home composting
TV 9 Hasiru City
This is a community Water Woods who use the Manthan System to manage the waste in their 48 flats
Times Now Channel
Amazing Indians Show Poonam was covered in the show of Amazing Indians. See trailer of the national TV show here
First Post
The Amazing Indians with Poonam was featured in this e-magazine/paper.
The Atlantic Cities, Place Matters
Mark came for our Trash Trail and here is raises some questions.
The Hindu - Bangalore
Our composting champion customer Trupti Godbole was featured in an article where Daily Dump also got coverage. It is nice to see composting becoming the "natural" thing to do now in Bangalore.
Times of India - Bangalore
We did a workshop with Appartment Adda on Waste Management for Flats and Communities on Saturday 13.10.12. This had an attendance of more than 80 people from different apartments. Speakers who have successfully implemented apartment waste management shared their case studies. The workshop was covered in the TOI. The Daily Dump did some fun skits to clarify the new BBMP norms.
Sakshi Telugu
Home composting was covered with our products and communication material pictures used to explain the process.
TV 9 Bangalore - Hasiru City Campaign
Our project is covered in this program. There were many of our customers also covered in this campaign and it was great to see our Kambhas being used by so many Bangaloreans.
DNA Bangalore
On Gandhi Jayanti we were covered in the DNA. The BBMP's efforts have helped raise the awareness of waste issues, but a lot still needs to be done before we become cleaner citizens. Gandhi fore-warned us and we have yet to reach his ideals.
Bangalore Mirror
We had a over-whelming response at the recent Oota from your Thota event. Our team did not have time to even sit and have a sip of water. They were swamped by customers all wanting to begin home composting. Feels great to have such support and affection from Bangalore. Thanks Guys!
Hindu Bangalore
Mr Narayana Reddy the famous organic farmer in his talk at OFYT says you have to treat compost right. We agree with him. Today the city is reeling under a waste crisis and its a good time to begin home composting. The Hindu puts out our name and address so that everyone can begin learning about this simple but powerful way to reduce the waste we throw out everyday.
Times of India - Bangalore
Another article in the Times today. It is great to see so many people doing such great work in communities to reduce waste. If you have a community of flats or villas, do get your kids involved - they will make the change. The adults, end up disagreeing on opinions.
Sunday MidDay Mumbai
Daily Dump was featured in the Sunday MIDDAY paper. Arjun Mehta did a great clear article on our work. He spoke to some customers and got their feedback. Thanks Arjun.
Times of India, Bangalore
The Kambha has become the preferred product to manage waste at home. Here in this article it is in the foreground and is doing what it does best - makes the user a Hero!
Daily Dump was featured in this web platform for women entrepreneurs. This platform is run by a woman entrepreneur herself - Anubha.
Times of India Bangalore

Since the news of one of the landfills in Bangalore being shut down, Bangalore is full of discussions around this issue of waste. Our point of view was also shared in the newspaper.

Delhi Times
We featured in the Delhi Times for world environment day. Our products were recommended as the latest eco-products to buy

This article that covers all that we offer, led to many calls from customers who enjoy this newspaper. It also spread the word of our bugs workshop among the readers.

Deccan Chronicle

Our clone Navneeth is weaving magic around composting in Chennai. Doesn't she look wonderful as an evangalist to change the way we throw! Great work Navneeth.

Support Biz
We were featured in Support Biz an online Business Magazine. The challenges we face are real, changing mindsets is our toughest one. But in spite of that, we have survived. Now it is time to consolidate and grow the idea even more.
Namma Bengaluru Awards

We were shortlisted for the Namma Bengaluru Awards
Here is the certificate

Financial Chronicle

Brij Kothari is a faculty member and is a social entrepreneur who has written this on Daily Dump. We like the customers perspectives being highlighted in this wonderful article. Thanks Brij and I do hope that people can make the connect with reducing the waste on our streets with composting.

Green Dot Awards

Daily Dump won a "Honorable Mention" in the Green Dot Awards 2011.

This is the award press release statement



Playnspeak Owner of Brand Daily Dump of India was Awarded Honorable Mention in services Product for the entry titled, " Making Waste dignified ." The jury selected winners from over 500 entries from over 25 countries.

The Green Dot Awards Honors Excellence in Innovative Environmental Projects, Products and Services. The Green Dot Awards strive to reward and promote forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally sustainable products or services and to reward revolutionary green business plans and proposals.

Recognizing that human activity is causing dramatic environmental change, we must ensure that we act today to protect tomorrow’s environment. Businesses and organizations have become especially aware of the impact that their practices have on the well-being of the planet and many are acting to adopt more sustainable attitudes. The purpose of Green Dot is to reward those who practice excellence in environmental responsibility.

Although the Green Dot Awards are worthy onto themselves, they are also a consumer guide to excellence in environmentally-sustainable practices. A business with a Green Dot Award is a business that can be trusted by consumers with stewardship of the environment. Recognition from the Green Dot Awards allows businesses to promote their products and services as items that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green Dot Awards was Juried by experts in the industry: Alison Kwok Ph.D, co-author of Green Studio Handbook; Christina Amacher, Braungart Consulting and EPEA GmbH; Christine Mason McCall, co-founder of GoGreen Online and GoGreenTV; Dave Evans, Author of Cool Green Stuff; Daniel D. Chiras Ph.D, Author of Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy; Darryl Hooks, CEO and President of ActiClean; Efren Zuniga Reyes, co-author of Green Graphics, graphic communication for sustainability; Kira Gould, co-author of Women in Green: Voices of Sustainable Design; Lori Dennis, best-selling author and star of HGTV's The Real Designing Women; Luis Valenzuela, Founder of Green Art; Patrick Fry, designer and art director; Ruth Singer, sustainable and recycled materials designer; Steven Foster, President of the Steven Foster Group and commercial consultant for eco-sustainability; Shelagh McNally, writer and editor on environment issues; Tamsin O'Neill, Director of Green Press; Vicky Eckert Von Grotthuss, co-author of Green Graphics and owner of Flaflafeditions, a publishing house creating board games related to environment and culture.

About the Winner:

Contact Playnspeak Owner of Brand Daily Dump :

Down to Earth

We were featured in the Online section of this great magazine. Being admirers of Late Anil Agarwal, we think this is an honour.

City Express - supplement of Indian Express

The paper says we are nominated for the Namma Bengaluru awards. Well, what is more important is that we continue working to find innovative ways to help each of us make sustainable choices. Composting is easy to do.


This magazine aimed at making science fun had sent a team member on our Trash Trail.

She went on to convert her experience into a fun comic tale. Thanks Brainwave team for doing this and reaching all the young and readers. Thanks Vinayak Varma and Shalini Srinivasan for making this happen.

Composting at home in India – “The Daily Dump”

In just five years the Daily Dump team has helped over 4,500 customers in Bengaluru to compost household waste in terracotta pots, and these customers keep around 5,522kg of organic waste out of landfills every day. What is remarkable about Poonam Bir Kasturi’s waste management process is its simplicity, and the cleverly designed terracotta pots add a touch of earthiness to it.

Housecalls Vol 13

Daily Dump was covered in this magazine that is primarily focussed on Health with a broad view on well being.

The photographer did a wonderful job with the office images and our office got its first honest representation.

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