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Daily Dump was featured in CII's report on Innovation called India Innovates. Read the report here.
Daily Dump's Kambha in IIT Kanpur

Hi Poonam,

Hope you are doing well. During the last two weeks at IIT Kanpur, I found Daily Dump's Kambha in the back yard of my sister's neighbour's house. I was pretty excited to see it. I took a few pictures of the same and spoke to Neeruji, the lady of the house. She said, she had got it through a friend. Apparently, the friend owns a shoe factory in Kanpur and had got Kambha from Bangalore. Neeruji also asked me a lot of questions about how to use it. I have asked her to look at your website. She was so impressed that she was telling me that it would be nice to have every house in IIT have this compost maker at home.

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share with you.

Have a good day,


Bangalore Garbage War Voices 2012
Please see video on the Garbage War in Bangalore. Captures the Voices of the people, and chronicles responses from the civic agencies..part of SWM Workshop held on 13 October 2012, Bangalore. Good to hear the sane, innocent and concerned voices of Bangalore and the responses from our civic agencies. This is the PART I of the Voices, shall be followed by the Choices, and concrete actions for the last 3+ years by the silent heroes, warriors and pioneers.
Daily Dump & Appartment Adda workshop
We conducted a workshop on composting at apartments. This had presentations by successful communities and the workshop had a participation of over 100 people. Presentations were made by Meera Rajesh, Varun Rupela, Madan Kumar, Anoop Nambiar, Shalini Khanna Charles, Shefali Yadav.
We launch our new Children's Title

We launch our new Children's Title. The Ouch and Moo Book. Both the Ouch and Moo Books address the plastic bag issue at different levels of complexity. It is like reading two versions of a Birbal Story at the same time. We believe that this fosters a sense of perspective and inquiry, so necessary to understand the "complete" story.

A customer writes in
Shiwani Priyadarshi

Me and my khamba are at our "first anniversary". Its been a great relationship. I give attention and get back the black gold.

I tried unsuccessfully to make compost in flower pots and failed. Then during a visit to The Ants store I discovered Daily Dump but thought spending another 800 bucks was silly. So I tried again with flower pots and got a messy ugly balcony as a reward and gave up yet again. Then one fine day when I was in Indiranangar I just went to Daily Dump and got myself a chota khamba (with accelerator, neem powder and free dry leaves). Then started a series of mistakes:

1. I really thought that dry leaves would fill up my khamba for no good reason so avoided them.
2. I really thought accelerators would be great for decomposition so added it with water almost every second day.

In three weeks time I got a great ugly green black sludge for my efforts.

With a cloth mask on my face and gloves on my hands, I emptied the ugly stinky mess on a plastic sheet and mixed in lots and lots of leaves and shredded paper and a bit of neem cake powder. And a month later I got my first batch of BSF larva wiggling in the dump. A week later they died. I wrote to Daily Dump. They said its ok as not all piles support the larva through their entire life cycle.

That put all my fears and uncertainties to rest. Now an year and 8 kgs of compost later I would love to share my learning with other enthusiasts and newbies:

1. If you really care about the environment, don't donate 1000 bucks to some cause but buy a composter with that money.
2. If you live in an apartment (we do), get a khamba, nothing else works in such a mess free way and takes so little space. And it looks pretty good.
3. Never underestimate the "yuck factor". After all its waste we are handling. Buy gloves.
4. After the first lot, there is no need to but accelerators, a few scoops of previous batch is a great starter and its free.
5. Larva are our friends. They speed up the decomposition and are harmless (they will not bite).
6. Bones, mango seeds, tamarind seeds take months to fully decompose. Thats no reason to throw them out. I keep moving them to the newer piles and consider them as the starter for new piles.

Thank you Daily Dump for giving us the khamba. Its a best thing which has happened to our home.

Franchisee fair
We participated in the Franchisee fair. We now plan to roll out Franchisee's all over India. Those interested - do get in touch.
Sarovar Apartments

Sarovar Apartments has been successfully composting and recycling other waste for the last 3 years. Here is a wonderful film on their journey for others to get inspired.

Chennai August 2012
But as Shah Rukh Khan said in Om Shanti Om, if you want something very dearly, the universe conspires to make it happen. And so it happened. The universe, it seems, really wants me to compost my kitchen wastes!
Science Utsav
We had a hectic weekend. Lots of stuff happening. The Science Utsav is an interesting program for young kids to develop the scientific temper. These kids came to Daily Dump on Saturday and we had such fun - looks like they did too. 28.7.2012
Daily Dump Office
We unveiled our Lotus Manthan on saturday evening in front of some Manthan users and our mentor friends. We got some very useful feedback and pointers on how to improve the product experience. Thanks to everyone who came!
Second to None Mela
Citizen Matters did a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle theme Mela in BTM this sunday. There was a large turnout and we were present to spread the awareness of managing waste at source.
When dreams come true.....
See Rozita Singh's blog on her composting experiences -
Michelle Xavier
I got to know your site from a comment on a blog and WOW! Its awesome to see people doing such great work. I like your website too. Very clean and so easy to navigate. Do you know of any such innitatives in Mumbai? If you guys ever come to Mumbai I would love to volunteer. Once again Great work guys. Michelle Xavier
Compost at Home
Pratima did a workshop on what's good waste and bad waste and magic from kachamucha kitchen waste for little ones at Sneha Care Home. The home shelters and cares for 100 HIV infected children on their campus on Sarjapur.

Some people think we sell pots, others think we manage waste, but we know we hope to spread the idea of composting, relooking at cycles and the idea of sustainablity. So if someone actually experiments and finds our ideas a catalyst for doing their own, then the purpose of Daily Dump is served. Meet one such person

TCS Marathon

Our interns, Arindam Saha, Rahul Barwe, Nidhi Agarwal, Chaitanya P, went to the TCS Marathon event and put up a stall.

They conducted a activity called the waste lane there. Walking for Waste is the next mantra!

Down and Dirty

Amruta Patil a renowned artist did a painting of her experience with the Kambha.

Phillips campus

We did a workshop on segregation in Phillips campus for the housekeeping staff and kitchen staff.

The two hours was full of activity and interaction. The staff enjoyed the session and promised to begin segregation at their campus.


Our Pune Clone has helped a community get a discount on the property tax because of composting on site.

dear poonam,
i am doing a composting contract for a society in Pune in koregaon park, "clover gardens".
i had applied to the Pune municipal corporation for a 5% property tax rebate. the corporation has approved it and all the 70 members of the society will get a 5% property tax rebate for the coming financial year.
i have also generated around 1000 kg of compost which i am selling for the society @ Rs 2 per kg.
so these 2 initiatives are giving the society members a return on the money that they are paying me.(small amounts) but the members are happy that they are earning money from garbage.

Green Dot Awards

Daily Dump won a "Honorable Mention" in the Green Dot Awards 2011.

This is the award press release statement



Playnspeak Owner of Brand Daily Dump of India was Awarded Honorable Mention in services Product for the entry titled, " Making Waste dignified ." The jury selected winners from over 500 entries from over 25 countries.

The Green Dot Awards Honors Excellence in Innovative Environmental Projects, Products and Services. The Green Dot Awards strive to reward and promote forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally sustainable products or services and to reward revolutionary green business plans and proposals.

Recognizing that human activity is causing dramatic environmental change, we must ensure that we act today to protect tomorrow’s environment. Businesses and organizations have become especially aware of the impact that their practices have on the well-being of the planet and many are acting to adopt more sustainable attitudes. The purpose of Green Dot is to reward those who practice excellence in environmental responsibility.

Although the Green Dot Awards are worthy onto themselves, they are also a consumer guide to excellence in environmentally-sustainable practices. A business with a Green Dot Award is a business that can be trusted by consumers with stewardship of the environment. Recognition from the Green Dot Awards allows businesses to promote their products and services as items that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green Dot Awards was Juried by experts in the industry: Alison Kwok Ph.D, co-author of Green Studio Handbook; Christina Amacher, Braungart Consulting and EPEA GmbH; Christine Mason McCall, co-founder of GoGreen Online and GoGreenTV; Dave Evans, Author of Cool Green Stuff; Daniel D. Chiras Ph.D, Author of Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy; Darryl Hooks, CEO and President of ActiClean; Efren Zuniga Reyes, co-author of Green Graphics, graphic communication for sustainability; Kira Gould, co-author of Women in Green: Voices of Sustainable Design; Lori Dennis, best-selling author and star of HGTV's The Real Designing Women; Luis Valenzuela, Founder of Green Art USA.org; Patrick Fry, designer and art director; Ruth Singer, sustainable and recycled materials designer; Steven Foster, President of the Steven Foster Group and commercial consultant for eco-sustainability; Shelagh McNally, writer and editor on environment issues; Tamsin O'Neill, Director of Green Press; Vicky Eckert Von Grotthuss, co-author of Green Graphics and owner of Flaflafeditions, a publishing house creating board games related to environment and culture.

About the Winner:

Contact Playnspeak Owner of Brand Daily Dump :

Daily Dump Office

Vani, our friend and a Composting Evangalist, consented to be our Chief Guest at our Staff Lunch in the office. She spoke of the importance of this work and served each member lunch. Vani believes you can compost in a bucket, in a basket or in a pit, whichever way, its better than throwing out rich organic resource. She is a true evangalist and our inspiration. The staff loved having her to grace this event.

Orange County

The Orange County resorts in Coorg and Kabini are known for their focus on sustainable tourism. They set up the Daily Dump products in their shops to promote this concept to all their customers. Anupama went to train the personnel at both resorts and we hope this will help more people to think of sustainable choices.


Sreeja is working to see if she can influence up to 2 Lak people to convert to composting. She has made her own version of the Kambha and is trying it out before she begins championing home composting in her town We wish her the very best!

Composting at home in India – “The Daily Dump”

In just five years the Daily Dump team has helped over 4,500 customers in Bengaluru to compost household waste in terracotta pots, and these customers keep around 5,522kg of organic waste out of landfills every day. What is remarkable about Poonam Bir Kasturi’s waste management process is its simplicity, and the cleverly designed terracotta pots add a touch of earthiness to it.

New Leaf Composter

Amit Krishn Gulati's firm Incubis Design kindly helped Daily Dump by creating a new leaf composter that will make your landscape in your flats, offices and parks look upgraded. It will inspire other people to look after their leaves - that are all falling from Bangalore's rain trees right now. This new product is called Pepal and Daily Dump would like to thank Amit, Himaka Sema Chishi, Sabyasachi Paldas and Ayush Jain for designing this for us and for Indian leaves!

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