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Hi I got my Kambha 3 years back and have harvested around six batches of sweet banana , a variety greens and vegetables.
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Hi Poonam, Me and my family have been using the khambha and the leave it pots system for a long time and have managed to figure out the proper maintenance etc. Read more>>


I've been using the Khambha for over 2 years now. Its a great feeling to know that I've made so much compost and also avoided 100's of Kgs of organic waste from reaching the garbage cans.

Jayadeep Purushottaman

Hi Poonam, Just wanted to let you know that we have used the first batch of compost that we made at home for our plants!
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Shilpi Sahu

This was so easy! 6 months and going strong. No major issues. Hard to imagine I was throwing all this in garbage some time back.

Pratima Rao

A big thank you to all of you. I had made this year an eco/green year and Daily Dump made it possible for me. I harvested the 2nd batch of Black Gold and this time got it right, dried and sieved it and was a WOW feeling.


We are starting daily dump in our village in Nangal Punjab on Guru Nanak s birthday 21st Nov...
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Seema Mullick

People are ready to spend and put time to entertainment but composting was a no no. Garbage is garbage it is to be handled by ..someone not us.
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I give you in short my exp to date after using one in our office for more than 1 year...
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Benson Issac

Just writing to say that have been enjoying composting. khambha singh has integrated well into the family...
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Varalakshmi Mukunda Rao

Today we are the proud owners of almost 2 kilo's of fine manure it's just lke superfine teadust. Really we are very happy. ...
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Thank you very much for your commitment to such a fundamental cause - should be the hallmark of any civilization...
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I sieved my first round of compost today... YAY!!! I am feeling sooo good about it!!
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Here are the pictures I promised to send you. Thanks for your wonderful "service with a smile"...
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Nazu (Tonse)

...thought I would give you some feedback in case it's useful for you. I also had some ideas that I thought I'd share.
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Please help me deal with this!!! These crawly things are freaking me out!!!!
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...some problem with the garbage. its collected in the last container and seems to be very wet ...
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Mamtha Sharma

I encountered two problems one lots of ants attacking the waste and of course the maggots... tried sprinkling Neem powder ... it worked!
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I am thoroughly satisfied with your service. I suggest that you keep two to three people permanently on the team. It is reassuring...
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Vidya Nag

The powder has done the magic! Ants continue to be a menace but they havent really bothered me to the extent of finding a solution...
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